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Maghin, H. (2019). "Cracks in the Boards: The Opportunity Cost of Homogeneous Boards of Directors". SSRN Working Paper.


Abstract: The composition of leadership within firms has evolved over time. In the absence of an exogenous shock it has however been difficult to understand to what extent this matters. I exploit the implementation of a gender quota in boards of directors in France as a quasi-natural experiment to determine the impact of a change in leadership composition on firm performance. Using a fuzzy difference-in-discontinuities design, I find that, on average, the arrival of a woman on a board leads to an increase in profit margin and labour productivity of around 0.5 and 1.9 percent respectively. These effects are driven by sector-specific efficiency gains and reorganisation.

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Presented at the Economics of Innovation Lab of the Collège de France, the Industrial Organization seminar of KU Leuven, the 6th conference on public policy evaluation and the INSEAD brown bag seminar.

Upcoming presentation at the Royal Economic Society 2021 conference

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