Helene Maghin

I am a PhD candidate in economics at KU Leuven (IO group) and affiliated to the Economics of Innovation Lab of the Collège de France. My research is supervised by Jan de Loecker and Philippe Aghion. I visited the University of Chicago during the Autumn quarter 2022 (sponsor: Ufuk Akcigit). 

I will be on the 2023/2024 academic job market. 

I won the 50th EFA best doctoral tutorial award for my job market paper: 

Cracks in the Boards

 the Opportunity Cost of Governance Homogeneity

My research focuses on industrial organization and microeconomics applied to corporate governance and labour economics.


Jan de Loecker (KU Leuven) - jan.deloecker@kuleuven.be

Philippe Aghion (INSEAD/LSE) - philippe.aghion@insead.edu

Sebastian Fleitas (KU Leuven) - sebastian.fleitas@kuleuven.be

Johannes Boehm (Sciences Po) - johannes.boehm@sciencespo.fr